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Privacy policy Educational Institute De Kleine Parel

This privacy policy was last modified on May 25, 2018


Educational Institute De Kleine Parel develops and organizes activities and offers products and services, whether or not in collaboration with organizations and self-employed.

We respect your privacy. The information you share with us is yours and will remain yours. We handle your data carefully.

We collect, process and secure your personal data in accordance with the Dutch AVG, internationally known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Here you can read why and how we do that.


Our privacy policy applies to all our data collecting and processing, even if we process personal data with other parties.

We collect and process your personal data whenever you are using our services and products and/or when you provide us with your personal information.

Below you find the list of the websites and webshops that we manage (with accompanying e-mail addresses):,,,,,,,

Relations of our Educational Institute

You are considered to be a relation of ours, whenever you contact us for information through any means of communication.

We distinguish three types of relations:

• Visitors

• Users

• Providers

Relations can change roles depending on their own interests, wishes and needs.


Visitors are interested in the products and services that we offer. They orientate themselves on the offers by visiting websites and social media pages that we manage. Visitors are and remain anonymous; no personal data is collected.


A user is any person who buys, rents or orders a product or service from us. Within this category also is included someone who has taken a training in a certain method. A user is also someone who actively contacts us or actively communicates with us. 

When someone finds an interesting product or service, he/she can request extra information, place himself on our automated mailing list, submit a request for registration, register directly, or ask to be placed on a waiting list.

A user can contact us in various ways to ask a question, provide information, comment, give feedback, express a concern, make a complaint.


A provider is any person who offers a product or service for sale, rent or for free through the Educational Institute De Kleine Parel. Providers belong to an organization or are self-employed. A processing agreement with our providers is concluded.

Which personal data do we collect?

Below you find an overview of the data that we may collect and process, depending on the product or service that you purchase or use.

• Salutation

• Gender

• First and last name

• Address

• Postal Code

• Residence

• Province / State

• Region

• Country

• Company Name

• Company address details

• VAT number

• Website

• E-mail address

• Phone number

• Contact history

• Photos

• Experiences

• IP address

• Browser fingerprint

• Automatic receipt and read receipts of e-mails

• Other data that you actively provide via internet, snailmail, real life contact and/or telephone contact.

Special and/or sensitive personal data that we collect and process:

In some cases, in addition to the above data, more information is required, for example if there is a specific request for help. This additional information is not automatically collected by us and we will not request this information from third parties.

The person who requested help will provide this information only at our request, and always out of free will and with their own permission. In the case of minors, the parent/caregiver/guardian is responsible for the careful provision of sensitive information.

Additional information that we can ask:

• Contact details of parent/caregiver/guardian

• Date of birth

• Country of birth

• Help request

• Medical history

• Information regarding health and safety (including diets, medication, special needs)

Why do we collect and process personal data?

Below you can read why we collect and process your personal data.

To inform you

We keep records of our relations in order to be able to execute and improve our services as well as possible: to be able to deliver our products that you have purchased, to handle your request, registration and/or payment, to contact you about the service or product you have purchased, to inform you about (changes of) our services, to keep you informed of products and/or services that you have shown  interested in, to be of better service when you have follow-up questions, and to make contact between you and us possible through all legally permissible ways.

To share certain information about you

We can share your experience, testimonial, blog, evaluation or photo. We like to share this to bring more expression to our publications, to provide you with extra publicity, to make you visible to visitors who are looking for your expertise, service or product, and to bring your experiences to a wider audience.


We aim to automate as much as possible. Not only because it saves work, but also because software and algorithms guarantee more care. Moreover, we want to serve you well.

We use Cookie services to track and get reports on how visitors use our websites and webshops. Information regarding the use of the software - for example your IP address, web browser and operating system – is collected to provide technical support, to optimize functions in the webshop and to further improve the service.

Legal requirements

Personal data can be provided by us to the authorities, if we are legally obliged to do so.

Cooperation in tax or criminal investigation

In some cases, we can be obliged to share data for government tax or criminal investigations. In such cases, we are forced to share your data.

Where do we collect, process and with whom do we share your personaldata?

The moment you contact us you can leave your personal data with us. Sometimes we ask for your personal information, and sometimes your data is collected automatically, eg by cookies. We process your data with the help of software from third parties for optimal execution of our services.

Below you can read where we collect your data, how we process your data and with whom your data is shared.

Real life contact

During network meetings, events and meetings in real life we ​​get business cards and other contact details to be able to follow-up on our contacts. We ask our course participants to wear a name badge during the course, with only first and last name.

Telephone calls

As follow-up on our publications, an organized activity, a network event, or a tip from third parties, there can be telephone contact with us.

Applications on smartphones and tablets

We use various apps on our smartphones and tablets to communicate with you.

Regular e-mail contact

Personal data is also sent to us by e-mail, often with a specific question or comment. We send our email to course participants with your email in BCC. Sometimes we send information to course participants, with a namelist, then only your first and last namen will appear in that list. We use the services of various providers for our regular business e-mail. 

Social media (including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram)
Via social media you can contact us, and we can get in touch with you. Here we post messages, respond to messages and invite you to participate in our events.

On social media you create your own profile and post your own messages, share what you find interesting, and through certain channels you indicate whether you are interested in our events.

Website and Webshop

If you purchase, rent or order-free-of-charge a product or service from our providers in our webshop, or send a request for registration or information via our websites, we will share your data with the relevant provider or organizer. This way your registration or request can be optimally processed and information can be sent to you.

Google Analytics Cookies

Cookies are placed on our websites by the American company Google as part of the Analytics service. The data we collect in Google Analytics is anonymised and encrypted.

MyOnlineStore Cookies

Our webshops use the software of MyOnlineStore; this is a third party that handles e-mail traffic coming from our webshops. All e-mails and attachments from our webshop are sent via the servers of MyOnlineStore.

Our webshops do not offer the possibility to handle payments. However, our webshops process the data you entered for sending order confirmations, invoices and payment reminders.

From our webshops, order and payment overviews are made per product or service. Your data that you enter during the ordering process in our webshops are processed in our database application Perfect View.

Accountancy software Snelstart

We use the online accountancy software Snelstart, where your data is collected, sent and stored in a protected manner. Our financial administration, our bookkeeper and our accountant have access to our accountancy software.

Application 'user accounts'

At some websites we offer you the opportunity to share relevant information about your expertise and professional background. You can share relevant information through a special application via a 'user account', with a personal access code and password. By using this option you automatically give permission for this type of sharing.

At some other websites, your relevant details are added manually, in the absence of an application 'user accounts'. In that case, you consent via e-mail to sharing your information.

Application 'administrator accounts'

If you are provider, we will publish the information that is relevant to the products and/or services you offer through us. At certain websites you – as a provider – can place information yourself, by using a special application via an 'administrator account' with a personal access code and password. We have a processing agreement with you, in which you also agree with our privacy policy.

Publication of experiences

If you have shared an experience on social media or on your website about our products and/or services, have written a testimonial or blog, or have written an evaluation, then we can publish your message in whole or in part on our websites and/or our social media pages. Also, such messages can be published in e-mail to our relations. In most cases, we will ask permission for publication from you.

On Facebook and Twitter we can share and retweet your messages without permission. This is arranged through the use of Facebook and Twitter.

Publication of photos

During our activities we make pictures of users and/or providers. We use these photos to bring more expression to our publications, and to provide additional publicity to users and/or providers.

With portrets and staged photography you give permission by posing. You always get the chance to refuse being photographed in portret or staged photography.  If you do not want to be photographed, you can also tell this to the photographer. In some cases, explicit permission is requested.

Linked webforms

You can submit your details and specific interests via our webforms. This way we can send you the information that you asked for. This information is automatically stored in our database application Perfect View.

Our CRM/Maling database

All collected data is processed in a database application for CRM and Mailing at Perfect View, which processes personal data and provides overviews about certain interests and enables automated e-mail. This application also enables us to draw up participant lists, keep track of and fulfill appointments, make efficient contact and send important information.

Automated e-mail from our CRM / Mailing database

Automated e-mails are generated and sent via our database application.

We distinguish 3 types of automated e-mails:

• newsletters

• notifications

• participation related information


A newsletter is sent to every relation that has send a request to receive a newsletter. In newsletters we publish general information, news, facts, calls and general announcements. Through our webshop and via webforms, relations can register for our newsletter.


These are messages about products and services that are specifically requested by a relation. These notifications are sent when current and concrete information about the product or service is known.

Via webforms, e-mail and telephone contact, relations can specify for which products and services a notification may be sent.

Information related to participation

Users who have purchased, rented or ordered a product or service, are specifically and in detail informed via automated e-mail.

Important information, confirmations about location, routine rules, digital product information, attachments etc. are sent in this way. New offers, which are specifically related to products purchased, rented or ordered-free-of-charge, are also sent in this way.

Unsubscribing / Opt-out

At the bottom of every automated e-mail that is sent via our database application an 'opt-out' link is used for unsubscribing. Via this link, relations can indicate that they no longer wish to receive any messages from this database application.

Unsubscribing via the 'opt-out' link means that no more information will be sent. The relation will then no longer receive newsletters, notifications or any information related to former participation.

A relation that has unsubscribed via the 'opt-out' button can always register again via a webform.


We treat your personal data and the content of every contact with you confidentially.

Our computers are connected to the internet via a secure network. We do not use public Wi-Fi with our computers. Sensitive information is transmitted encrypted via e-mail and other transfer services. Our websites and webshops are secured through our providers. The information on webforms is sent encrypted.

All parties that are directly or indirectly involved in our data collection and data processing are bound to security and secrecy based on the agreement between them and us, an oath or legal obligation. Each party has its own privacy policy. These parties have taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to prevent abuse, loss and corruption of our and your data as much as possible.

Processing agreements

We conclude processing agreements with third parties that process your data. This agreement clearly describes who is responsible for securing your data and how this data is protected. It also states what happens to your data at the time you claim the rights that you have.

If you like to know about the privacy policy of the providers, you can request their privacy policy.

Saving data

We keep your information as long as you are our customer. This means that we keep your profile until you indicate via e-mail that you no longer wish to use our services and products.

Based on applicable administrative and tax obligations, we need to keep invoices with your (personal) information, and we will keep this information for as long as we are obliged to do so.


You can ask us to erase your data (right to oblivion), to correct (right to rectification), to view (right of access) or to transfer (right to transferability).

You can also ask us to limit the processing of your data (right to restriction), you can object (right to object) against the processing and you can withdraw permission for processing (right to withdraw permission).

When you send us a request for oblivion, we will delete all your personal data from our systems within 30 days and our providers - with whom we have shared your data for practical reasons - will receive a notification. Providers then have the time to check with you whether you also want to be removed from their systems.

Send an e-mail with your request to and you will receive a response within 30 days. You can also send questions, feedback and complaints to this address.

We keep an administration of completed requests, questions, feedback and complaints. In the case of a request for oblivion we administer anonymous data.

Authority Personal Data

If you have complaints about our the processing of your personal data, we are happy to sit down with you and talk about this. If you feel that we are not helping you in the right way, you have the right to file a complaint at the Personal Data Authority in the country of your residence.

Changes to the privacy policy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy at any time. When our services change, we also need to adjust our privacy statement. We will inform you about significant changes via e-mail. Always check the date of our privacy policy and check regularly for new versions. With the publication of a new version, the validity of all previous versions expires.

On this page you will always find the most recent version.


By using our services and products on or from 25 May 2018 you agree with this privacy policy.

Contact details

Educational Institute De Kleine Parel is responsible for the processing of your personal data as described in this privacy statement.

We do not employ a Data Protection Officer, but we like to help you by answering your questions. If after reading this privacy statement you still have questions or if you want more information about our privacy policy, you can contact us via

Educational Institute De Kleine Parel

Wil van Kessel

Siergaarde 47

2285JD Rijswijk / Netherlands


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